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Bald Head Island's Flora and Fauna

As Bald Head Island is unique in containing beach, marsh and maritime forest areas, it provides a wide array of amazing flora and fauna that can be seen almost any time of year. Sabal palms, oak and laurel trees can be found throughout the maritime forest and provides a canopy that allows other plants to be protected from the salty beach spray. You will also find holly trees, yaupon, wild olive trees and much more.

The beaches of Brunswick County, North Carolina are a major focal point for the sea turtle community, as many sea turtles will make their way from May to October to these beaches to lay their eggs. Bald Head Island is considered to be a highly important nesting site and sanctuary for the loggerhead sea turtle and many organizations will take the extra time and care to monitor the nests and hatchings from start to finish. In certain areas of Bald Head Island, visitors may get lucky enough to get a glance of some of the formerly endangered American Alligators.

There is a varied amount of other wildlife that call Bald Head Island home or make it a vacation spot of their own at certain times each year. Located on the easternmost bird migration corridor in the United States, this island is definitely a bird watcher’s paradise as pelicans, white ibis, falcons and many more species can be seen throughout the year. Wildlife isn’t just limited to the sky. Raccoons, foxes deer and more also make their homes here on the island.

No matter what part of Bald Head Island you may visit, there is no lack of beautiful nature and wildlife that can be seen almost any time of year.

For information on fish and other marine animals that live near Bald Head Island, click here to visit our Fishing Page.

Bald Head Island Nature:

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