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Ferry Information

At the opening to the Cape Fear River only 2 miles of the coast of North Carolina, lies beautiful Bald Head Island. For visitors to North Carolina who are truly seeking an escape from the real world, Bald Head Island is the perfect location as it is only accessible via ferry or personal watercraft. Guests will be able to make their way to Bald Head Island on a passenger ferry that leaves from Southports Deep Point Marina. As a general rule for most times of the year, the ferry to Bald Head Island departs on the hour from Deep Point Marina and departs Bald Head Island on the half hour, weather permitting.

Round-trip tickets for adults are $24.75. For children ages 3-12, they are $13.75. Children under the age of 3 ride for free. If you are planning to bring items classified as cargo such as bikes, kayaks, canoes, etc., the cargo ticket price is $23.00. To make reservations for ferry travel to Bald Head Island, please call 910-457-5003. For ferry reservations to the mainland from Bald Head Island, please call 910-457-5006. Bald Head Island Rentals is happy to make ferry reservations for their guests during the Summer and Value Seasons. Guests will be responsible for making ferry reservations during all other seasons.

Arrival & Luggage Handling

Like traveling by plane, guests should always arrive ahead of their departure time and should arrive at least a half hour before their reserved ferry time. As an example, if you are traveling on the 2:00 PM ferry, then you should arrive at the ferry terminal no later than 1:30 PM. When arriving at the terminal, please proceed to the upper departure level if you are dropping off passengers and bags. Bags will be loaded onto a conveyor belt, so please be sure all bags and items are properly secured and protected. Larger cargo items such as bikes or kayaks will need to have an Excess Baggage ticket and will need to be taken to the lower level either by carrying them or driving them to the lower level. Vehicles taller than 9 feet are not permitted to drive to the lower level. Once all baggage has been dropped off, guests will need to proceed to the ticket office on the upper departure level to purchase or pickup reserved tickets. Please note that your Bald Head Island Rentals reservation does not include the price of ferry tickets. A snack bar, restrooms and indoor and outdoor waiting areas are available for your convenience until it is time to depart. Elevators and stairs are available for access to the boarding area on the lower level.


After all luggage has been unloaded, guests will need to park in one of several lots available. Specific lots and the length of your stay determine the price of parking. When entering the parking lots, guests will receive a parking ticket that should be kept until it is time to return home. A shuttle is provided to transport guests to the ferry terminal for those that park in the lot furthest from the terminal.

When departing Bald Head Island, guests will need to present their parking tickets to the attendant at the Parking Lot B booth staffed from 6 AM to 10 PM daily. Payment must be made prior to exiting the lots. After hours, exit codes or tokens can be obtained from the security guard at the ticket office in the ferry terminal. Parking attendants are on hand during normal operating hours and can assist with minor car issues such as jumpstarting a car or assisting in contacting local automobile companies for repair. Please remember if you are bringing pets, to relieve them in the grassy areas in the parking lot sections before bringing them to the terminal.

*Note: Guests of Bald Head Island Rentals during Peak Summer Season are given the option of using our exclusive Valet Parking Services if their scheduled ferries fall between the hours of 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

Tram Services

Once guests arrive on Bald Head Island, they and their luggage will be transported via a tram to their vacation homes. That same tram service will pick up guests and their luggage when it is time to depart Bald Head Island and will pick up guests at their vacation home 20 to 40 minutes before the scheduled ferry departure time.

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